Asus only offers the netbook in black or white , and thus waives on various color alternatives. Another benefit of the matt case is its resistance against dust, fingerprints and scratches. The display bezel is, as usual, very thin , but has a good stability. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The rates we measured provide the best preconditions for a perfect outdoor use, even in intense sunlight. The rates in a deactivated state and standby also stay within a limit of 0. The 3 cell battery is drained after a poor 2 hours and 23 minutes and the mains are needed.

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Review Asus Eee PC R Netbook – Reviews

Simple 3D games can be played well, though. This performance gain is only marginal asus r101d we expect more from the energy savings function. Only the integrated audio connector asus r101d, over which headphones or external loudspeakers can be connected, can remedy this.

Due to it, a maximum of 4 hours adus 52 minutes are possible in this asus r101d. Asus homepage Asus notebook section. An example for this would be the popular TrackMania Nations Forever that runs smoothly in a low detail level and resolution.

The adapter is impressive with its low asus r101d.

Our test device’s emissions are in a green field, asus r101d the tiresome problem of poor loudspeakers remains. The pressure point and stroke length are okay and the keyboard’s FN functions are highlighted in light blue.

The netbook only missed the asus r101d “Very Good” by a hairsbreadth. The plastic case’s stability can convince us.

The image quickly turns illegible and it looks like a negative. The asus r101d connector can’t quite convince us either, as only few headsets support this interface. The touchpad is clearly asus r101d from the wrist-rest and has a good haptic, due to the roughened surface. Asus Eee PC R The current heat wave doesn’t have an impact on the display.

Intel Asus r101d N 1. The small 3 cell battery with asus r101d Wh upsets this plan. The touchpad in this netbook unfortunately turns out quite small with a diameter of 7. The case’s dimensions and form are known, as Asus has hardly altered them.


These rates increase asus r101d a maximum of Loudspeakers Asus Eee PC R’s loudspeakers are on the case’s front bottom and only have an average sound. The stereo loudspeakers, asus r101d so often, aren’t impressive. As so often, we miss the deep pitches and basses, whereby the higher pitches are very present. R1011d rates in a deactivated state and standby also stay within a limit of 0.

Review Asus Eee PC R101 Netbook

Asus Eee PC R’s loudspeakers are on the case’s front bottom and only have an asus r101d sound. Asus uses Intel’s Atom N as the processor that has a clock rate of 1. Now an according model is found in one of the most inexpensive netbooks. A copper heat sink asus r101d beside the small fan, which improves the heat dissipation.

We don’t put value on small additions for this starter device because it would only increase the r101v unnecessarily. The display bezel is, as usual, very thinbut has a good stability. asus r101d

Overall, asus r101d rates are impressivebut the asus r101d vent on the device’s left traps air, which causes slightly higher temperatures in this area. The content is rendered clearly and there aren’t any reflections to complain about due to the matt surface.

Plain, but nevertheless elegant is how the R’s case presents itself. R101e area reaches The tool ” HD Tune Pro ” offers a benchmark that checks the disk thoroughly.