Biggest hacks of 3: Showcase New media New comments Search media. Now, inside the tower, you’ll find a 2. You might want to consider a new case and psu to stick your parts in to as its just a bit more expensive then a psu update.. These are your only choices Newegg. Predicting tech trends in 2:

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I haven’t have a chance to site down and look the card over carefully, so I’ll decide after I do that.

Solved – video card upgrade for my ASUS X ? | Vista Forums

As it stands, the system should be just fine for browsing and emails. What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Anything more than that won’t fit ;-. We’re also really impressed with the amounts of ports that Acer manages to cram into its chassis.

Cause i’m thinking this is aspige laptop, and vvideo it seems like its actually switchable, it’s quite different than a desktop. Well, I ordered it.

My advice is keep saving and buy or build a new system with aspirre graphics. Now, unfortunately, the system does not include a wireless card, which is sort of acceptable for this price range, but we do expect WiFi to become the defacto networking standard in all desktops in the coming months.


With your PSU, you’ll not be able to get anything much in there at all. Problem for me is when I do that at home, the computer stops working. Pokemon Go Plus gives game addicts a new way to level up. Representative slams colleagues, defends Google 1: Can you link your system?

What do you mean exactly “are they all the same card, different label? About graphic cards for my acer x? Try a different plug. If i’m right about it being a laptop, check this forum We do like the Acer because it gives you a larger hard drive in addition to the option to use it in your living room as a home theater PC, but you’re going to need to add some upgrades like a BluRay player, digital TV tuner, and a wireless card before it can make a full transformation.

Plus, ASUS’ warranty service is relatively pleasant to use; I have no experience with the others you listed, but I’ve fried a lot of computer parts and ASUS gave me the least grief about getting it repaired. Best cheap viddeo to try now 2: Yha, though they spec W, W will probably do it.


Acer Aspire X1700-U3700A

That w psu might have been fine when it was new years ago but its probably a huge risk now. Not x100 worried about super, just a slight upgrade will do fine for the game I play. Eyes-on with HP’s mixed-reality headset.

I upgraded a friend’s computer with a GeForce GS far superior to your onboard video to a GT and she called me almost gibbering with excitement over how much of a speed boost it is. I think asspire electricity from the carpet is more likely. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

I’ll post back the results. I was wondering if the video card can be replaced by a meg video card? This Trump mask uses voice recognition, bigly. Though that depends if your computer is X1070 or not. Hopefully the GT will work out.

Acer x video card upgrade. Acer Aspire x for gaming?