The question is why only APT has this problem.. For the time being I reverted the MacBook to the previous version of the driver. The use of cookies can be switched off in your browser. Shipping costs 12V – 3. This shop uses cookies that are necessary for its correct function and, if necessary, also uses cookies from third party providers. Originally Posted by a Unread post Mon Jul 18,

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iOptron iEQ45 Pro German Equatorial GoTo Mount with 20 kg payload and GPS

Unread post Wed Jan 27, 6: Sometimes the driver reports incorrect SideofPier. Sorry to dig up a slightly old thread The only external connection on the mount is a serial RS connection.

Also contacting iOptron didn’t helped much. I did not get a chance to try it out with my ZEQ Do you connect APT directly to the commander? That’s actualy great because now at least I can control my telescope with stellarium and stelleriumScope, and finally APT will work, but get slower and slower after a while.


Is there an debuglog or something that can give some information?

Photo Equipment Baader Baader. Is there some sort of adapter for that?

The new Ascom driver is ver 4. Unread post Thu Feb 11, They only said I need to use the. The question is why only APT has this problem. It also has a light weight head while ieq4 maintaining a high capacity payload.

Or do you refer to something else in that topic? I happened to hit the exact window between the two updates. I believe that they will be more responsive to you, because you are their client.

Lot of Nice also undiscovered features. Net driver version 4.

IEQ45PRO – APT Forum

Some of these improvements and changes include: I ascoj red the other topic, but already do have the latest ascom drivers and the iOptron Commander 3. Increase compatibility with third party software. Will have to figure out what the differences are between the 3. Like to hear your thoughts about it. For example, the entire checkout process from the shopping basket to the order cannot be carried out without cookies.


New Ascom and Firmware available for CEM60/iEQ45 Pro and iEQ30 Pro mounts.

I was thinking about this one: Shipping costs iOptron MiniPier with mm height for iOptron mounts. Hi I noticed that you missed out ZEQ25 here is a copy from ioptron site Unread post Fri Jul 03, 6: I saw the new connectivity options in a test version I was using and was wondering how you connect to a CEM60 by ethernet or Wifi. Kudos to asdom iOptron software team that has been working on this for several months, this is new territory for them and just shows again that they are committed to ‘thinking outside the box’ with their equipment and software.

Unread post Fri Jul 03, 5: