Trigger Input Options for V2. This db15 is NOT the same as the V3. Component numbering remains the same in nearly all cases. The benefits are that the coil fires less often than when using a single coil and has more time to charge ready for its next spark. Some of the COPs with built in ignitors need a 5V signal, some need a 12V signal to fire them, others needs a switched ground to fire them.

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The V6 Mondeo has iynition 6 post coil. No warranty expressed or implied. When running more than 2 spark coil outputs directly from the MS ECU it is recommended that you fit a new connector e. Hall or Optical input sensor wiring for V2. For wasted spark you require a minimum of single “missing tooth” crank wheel, only engines with an even number of cylinders being supported.

The cam wheel must have a single trigger per degrees of the crank deg of the cam. Above part numbers will need checking, some components will come with a minimum order in multiples of 5 and If your fitted the wheel your self then ensure this angle is correct, if not alter it so megasqkirt is, it may be deg out if you fitted the wheel, so alter the value.

Count from missing tooth in opposite direction of rotation This will put the centre of a tooth central to the sensor. This mode is for use with a single coil distributor allowing you to control your timing if you have a single coil firing through a distributoran MSD 6A amplifier, etc.


For a scrap yard trigger disc, remove from 1. I need some help here, anyone done a 3 rotor they can give me the info for? If modification is required, typically set the vane edge to pass the sensor when the engine is at 60BTDC and have the rotor arm pointing directly to the tower when the engine is at 25BTDC. No part of this manual may be reproduced or changed without written permission from Philip Ringwood, James Murray, Ken Culver and Lance. Looking toward the passenger side end of the engine, the VR sensor is above and to the left of the end of the crankshaft.

Setting up the distributor Next Cylinder mode.

MegaSquirt – Wikipedia

This db15 is NOT meegasquirt same as the V3. This appears to be the most commonly used sensor from what I understand, so if in doubt try this one first.

The V board makes it easy megasquiet access 3 logic ignition channels, but as the board was not designed for DIY modifications, any other changes can be more awkward than the DIY V3. On a 12 tooth wheel, each tooth represents 30 degrees of crank rotation. Ognition second group buy inas well as all following purchases until are V2.

Wire the Megasquirts ECU’s input section up as per this diagram in the input wiring section:.

Please see the Official Suppliers list before buying through E-Bay. It is the same ignitiom 4″ x 6″ and the connectors are in the same places, so it fits in the standard case with no modifications though some modifications may be necessary for additional functionality.


MS1/Extra Ignition Hardware Manual

Theres no reason why, with a little measuring, you couldnt have a good guess at what a different type needed if you know where the pins connect.

This would need a second sensor input circuit wired to Pin11 of U1, the circuit would depend on the type of sensor used, but all circuits will need the opto-isolator between the sensor and Pin11 of U1. Typical trigger discs from a Ford VR Sensor. You need at least for 4cyl, for 6cyl or for 8cyl. Ignore the Spark mode in this example, that will depend on your setup, main points here are: Try the following alternative instead.

So soldering megasqujrt onto the board for spark outputs, hardware options, etc, is going to need a great deal of care. The wiring diagram attached shows the general wiring for a V2.

With this configuration, in the wheel decoder settings you’d want the following settings:. This is also needed to run a 5cylinder engine in COP mode it can also be used megasquirh to give 4 cyl COP or could be used with the dual pickup crank trigger from SDS for 4cyl wasted spark. Hall or optical input sensor wiring for a V3. If both voltages are low, attach a 1K ignitikn resistor see HERE for a pullup diagram to the output wire of the hall sensor.